MaxCap is committed to creating lasting and relative value for our investors, consistently pioneering financial products that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. Our investment strategy is threefold:

  1. Identify and target micro-dislocations within the CRE debt market (where banks have continued to scale back lending);
  2. Overlay with an assessment of the micro and macro economic fundamentals of the underlying investment, ensuring robustness and sustainability of the segment beyond the investment term;
  3. Ensure an conservative approach to the structuring of every underlying investment, withstanding and stress tested against even the most unlikely of scenarios.

In addition to our separate managed accounts and investment syndication, MaxCaps’ investment philosophy has translated into the following four funds:

  1. The MaxCap First Mortgage Fund (Land Acquisition): Launched in 2017 and has been fully deployed since launch, outperforming target returns.
  2. The MaxCap First Mortgage Construction Fund: Launched in September 2018, the Fund’s strategy is to seed deals across sectors, it is an open-ended fund and we are currently in market capital raising. (As at November 2020)
  3. MaxCap Industrial Opportunity Fund: Launched in July 2019 with a strategy of acquiring medium-sized Industrial sites and subdividing into smaller lots.
  4. MaxCap CRE Debt Fund 3: Launched in November 2020, the Fund via three sub funds – Defensive, Balanced and Growth Fund – will seed deals across location, asset type and borrowers in Australia and New Zealand.