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MaxCap Group / Investors / MaxCap Investment Trust (MIT)

MaxCap Investment Trust

MaxCap Investment Trust (MIT) is MaxCap’s flagship debt fund vehicle. It’s evergreen structure offers investors immediate exposure to established, diversified pools of high-quality Commercial Real Estate Debt (CRED) positions, regular liquidity, and the choice of return targets.

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MaxCap Group


Providing access to a highly sought after investment sector.

Evergreen Platform:

MaxCap has established an evergreen platform, the MaxCap Investment Trust, offering investors ongoing access to the AUS/NZ commercial real estate asset class.

Diversified Pool:

The MaxCap Investment Trust allows investors to gain immediate exposure to established, diversified pools of high-quality CRED positions and the quarterly distributions these generate.

Two Product Options:

Investors can choose from two product options, First Mortgage or High Yield, depending on their preferred risk appetite and investment return targets.

Strong Net Returns:

The First Mortgage and High Yield mortgage products will target net returns of RBA cash rate plus 5.00% and RBA cash rate plus 8.00%* respectively. 

*Currently 4.35% as at 20 November 2023

Prudent Management:

Portfolio construction guidelines on geographies, sponsors and loan type allow for prudent management of everchanging market conditions.


Flexibility & Liquidity:

Investors are also able to access liquidity on an ongoing basis, providing flexibility regarding commitment periods.


Portfolio Parameters

Investment Guidelines

Loan Profile

Loan terms ranging from 6 to 36 months.​


Geographic limits including and up to 100% in NSW and VIC, up to 60% in all other geographies, with no more than 30% in any other individual region.​

Property Type

Property type limits including and up to:​

  • 100% in Residential and Core Commercial (Office/Retail/Industrial).​
  • 70% in Other Commercial (including Hospitality, Social Infrastructure, Student Accommodation, BTR) with no more than 40% in any individual Other commercial sector.​


Exposure to any single borrower ≤ 25% of Portfolio GAV.​


Full financial covenants package and non-financial covenants including financial statements, insurance certificates, valuations, independent quantity surveyor reports and other certified external reports.​

Loan-to-Value Ratio


First Mortgage: The Fund will generally invest in loans with an LTV no greater than 70%, but it may invest no more than 20% of its capital in loans levered up to 75% on an exception’s basis, where the additional risk is offset by mitigating factors and a strong risk-adjusted return premium is captured.​

High Yield: Maximum LTV on any position of 80%.​

Construction Limits

First Mortgage: Target exposure of 50% with a cap not greater than 65% of its capital.​

High Yield: Target exposure of 50% with a cap not greater than 75% of its capital.​

MaxCap Investment Management Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 462086).

MaxCap Group Pty Ltd holds an Australian Credit Licence 395067.



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