MaxCap CRO Tony Woods Speaks At Risk Australia Conference

In late October, MaxCap’s Chief Risk Officer Tony Woods spoke on a panel at the Risk Australia 2020 Virtual Conference.

The discussion was moderated by Vasyl Nair, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Mine Super. The panel also included Antoine Delterme, Chief Risk Officer at UBS, Donovan Hutchinson, Chief Risk Officer at Westpac Insurance and David Nichols, Co-founder and General Counsel at Xinja Bank.

They discussed:

  • The latest approaches in mitigating emerging risks like technology, cyber risk, crypto, data protection and outsourcing.
  • How to integrate non-financial threats like climate change, reputational risk, geopolitical turmoil and social unrest into your risk management framework.
  • How a CRO can actively anticipate, prepare and safeguard your organisation against emerging risks.

A recording of the conference can be found below: