Construction Fund (MFMC)

The Fund’s strategy is to invest in construction loans secured by a first mortgage over Commercial Real Estate (including residential to sell assets). Investors will gain access to a diversified portfolio of construction loans across different CRE debt asset classes and geographical markets.

Target returns of 10% Net IRR will be generated through interest and fee income achieved on loans. These include upfront fees as loans are written, income on loans through periodic interest payments and back-ended income achieved on loans involving capitalized interest and fees payable upon loan maturity.

Initial closing date: October 2018

Status: Open for investment – Open-ended

Term: Open for investment – Open-ended

Minimum investment amount: $5 million unless otherwise agreed by the Trustee


Contact: For more information, please contact our Distribution Team: Please note that MaxCap Group can only accept investment funds from Wholesale Investors as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). AFSL 462086.

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