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The Asian Executive Magazine: MaxCap Group Interview

Dec 12, 2014
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Following the global calamity of the Global Financial Crisis, Australian banks understandably closed ranks and many large-scale residential development projects failed to get off the ground because of lack of primary funding support. Throughout this difficult period, founding partner and CIO of MaxCap Group, Brae Sokolski saw opportunities to assist developers with strong projects to fill their funding needs in a way which was both innovative as it was necessary.

The future seems nothing less than bright as Brae and his parters have continued to grow MaxCap Group through astute and disciplined deal making, to service a portfolio of leading local and Asian offshore developer clients, including developers known to Asian Executive as Golden Age Group, AXF Group, ICD Property and Sino-Ocean Land.

In this fascinating interview, Brae shares his thoughts on the business which he has, in many ways, pioneered and has ultimately benefited housing supply in Australia.

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