On Monday 20th October at the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne, Managing Director Wayne Lasky chaired a private monetary policy luncheon with Governor of Reserve Bank of Australia, Mr Glenn Stevens.

MaxCap continues to promote balanced discussions in the industry engaging figures of authority given there continues to be widespread media coverage on the supposed ‘overheated property market’ and ‘bubble’.

  • W. Lasky with RBA Governor Glenn Stevens: October Luncheon

Despite, an unparalleled 23 years of consecutive growth, Australia faces economic challenges as it transitions from the resources, investment and export boom to a domestic demand-led economy, amidst concerns  of sluggish world growth and Chinese slowdown.
A timely luncheon given the RBA and APRA’s proposed use of macro-prudential instruments to temper the housing markets; the implementation of which would have wide-reaching consequences for the banking, finance and property developer communities.