MaxCap ESG Advisory Committee

An initiative of the MaxCap Board, the Committee was established in 2021 to support the Board in developing and advancing its ESG strategy holistically across the MaxCap Group business. The Committee is also intended to further strengthen our presence in the Australian market as a leading and sustainable commercial real estate investment manager.

The EAC consists of members from diverse disciplines including sustainability experts who actively advise the Board as its ESG strategy evolves. The Committee meets quarterly, and its role is to provide recommendations to the Board in relation to:

  1. The advancement of MaxCap Group’s ESG Strategy.
  2. The adoption of new ESG initiatives across the business at both an operational and investment level.
  3. Oversight of climate-related risks and opportunities for MCG including the introduction of targets for assessing relevant risks against the backdrop climate change transition risks and opportunities.
  4. Best practice standards in relation to the integration of ESG factors into the investment decision making processes across commercial real estate debt and direct investments.
  5. The development of a fully integrated Climate Risk Governance Framework.
  6. Sustainable Finance and Green Lending product development.
  7. The promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility at MCG and ongoing capacity building programs related to ESG and Responsible Investment approaches.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Mark Heaven

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  • Christine Christian

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  • Jason Hill

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  • Sarah Barker

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  • Romy Grace

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